Hello. My name is Bruce Hutton and Edge Design is my graphic design studio located in Davenport, Iowa. My focus is helping local businesses achieve their goals by giving them a competitive edge through better design and smart branding. 
Ask anyone I’ve worked with and they’ll probably use one word to describe me. Passionate. Especially about graphic design. But I’m equally passionate about helping companies create great brands that stand out in the hearts and minds of their customers.
My career started at a small studio in the Quad Cities that grew to one of the largest, most respected creative studios in the area. I sharpened my design and creative skills working on projects ranging from logos to product launch collateral, and from annual reports to interactive displays.
I joined John Deere, one of the world’s most loved brands. I combined my talents in design and branding to develop the company’s first global packaging design system. And as visual brand manager, I led a team to revise the company’s visual identity, giving the brand a fresh, more contemporary look across advertising, product brochures, websites, and other communications. 
I would love to hear the story of your company and your vision. Give me a call to see how my unique combination of design talent, brand know how, and experience can give your business an edge.